About Us
Bobby Wonder

We Make It Happen

Wonderland Communications is an artist promotion and radio consultant company founded by Bobby Wonder in 2016. Our services provide marketing and strategic planning for artist and programmers.  Wonderland Communications now presents the ultimate Adult R&B listening experience with Wonderland Vibes, a refreshing and innovative internet radio station.  Music consumers can expect the best mix of today's R&B that's curated on both traditional radio and streaming playlists, and of course, all the classic R&B from the 90's.

What Sets Us Apart

Over 40 years of professional broadcasting knowledge. Experience programming in several U.S. markets including Buffalo NY, Atlanta, GA, Kansas City. MO, just to name a few with proven methodologies and success.

We here at Wonderland Communications also promote and market new music to traditional radio for airplay. With experience working as Regional Promotion Manager we have the skill and knowledge to get your song played on the radio in the United States. Please contact us for more information.

Wonderland Communications - Wonderland Vibe Radio
Wonderland Communications - Wonderland Vibe Radio

Our Core Values

Our audience comes first. We embrace change and encourage innovation. We’re dedicated to growth and learning. We bring plenty of passion to the workplace. We aim at high standards for our audiences.